Wednesday, November 18, 2009

credit where it's due

I don't have much respect for Sojo. They are a bunch of libs trying to disguise themselves as evangelicals and whatnot, and their positions are horrid. And how they have treated Sarah Palin, either by silence when her daughter was the subject of someone's sick joke or by blatant attacks, has shown me a lot about them.

Saying that, I give credit to one writer, who does defend her in regards to Newsweek's cover photo of her.

I don’t have a problem with the lead title, but that image of Palin is demeaning. Let’s call it straight: It’s sexist. She is a politician — one of the very few visible female politicians. Why would they take a picture from a shoot from some time ago from Runner’s World magazine (and use it without permission from RW)? What is the point of her with her “running legs” for a political article?

While I do have a problem with the lead title (mainly, it's misleading--she's bad news for the DEM), it is a bit of a wisp of fresh air to see a Sojo writer actually defend her. Such a rare gem should be noted, even if it isn't faultless.

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