Monday, March 5, 2012

444 reasons to not believe 7 mountains dominionism

I have to tell you something cool with the numbers real quick. Many of you know that the number 444 is specifically the number the Lord has been speaking with me for many, many, many years, and even as kind of in honor of that, a gift Elizabeth gave me about a month ago was this thing on my wrist. What you can't see is there is the number 444 in it, 'cause I'll always tell, "There's 444". Kind of it just means that we're on target, we're on pace, place we're suppose to be, there's connection to Ezekial 44:4, other things. And it's just a remind kinda of God's fingerprint everywhere on things we're doing and seeing. And so she says, "Anytime you need to see 444, you can just look on your wrist, don't need to even look to find something else, he's with you all the time." It wasn't that...And it looked cool, too, she thought. But it's interesting, in the prophetic unfolding of things. My daughter, elder daughter, oldest daughter, just bought a car yesterday. And it's a used car. We told her we'd help her, you know, 'round a couple of thousand dollars with the car. And she called me yesterday, this is what she said, "Dad, the tag on my car is 444!" And I said, "(unclear), Did you order that, or is that the way it came?" "That's the way it came!" And I was like, "Oh my goodness!" You talk about the Lord speaking even as regards his promises and, you know, Promise had a year not without struggles and tests, and there is this thing, though, that she got a car, and the cost of it was $2,220, is what her car cost. So there's a 222, the license tag is 444, so Promise is driving basically, to end 2011, she gets a car that has the 444 on the back, that costs $2,220, and it's a Honda Accord. And Honda, in Spanish, means 'wave'. So there's a wave, accord, unity. There's a whole bunch more stuff we could go in to on that, but the Lord is speaking again about his promises and how he's all over his promises.
John Enlow, Daystar Church Atlanta, from a sermon called "2012 Prophetic Insights"

Yeah, this is weird.

If you've been around people who either are church-goers, or where, or who at least have a passing knowledge of things biblical, you'll probably know that few things will set them off more than seeing the number 666. It doesn't have to be connected with anything biblical, it just has to be there--on a license plate, in a ZIP code, on a restaurant receipt, wherever. There are people who simply cannot stand to write that number, they associate it so strongly with evil and the devil.

13 is another number with a bad reputation, I'm not sure why. But some will go to great lengths to avoid it. I've even heard of people who design and build buildings who will not call the 13th floor the 13th, but will skip it. Perhaps that is only an urban legend, but the truth is it is believable. Friday the 13th is quite the legendary day for badness to happen.

While there may well be some merit to studying how numbers are used in the Bible and what they symbolize, Enlow has obviously taken it too far.

Because this is just superstition.

He knows he's doing what God wants him to do if he looks around and sees the number 444? So his wife or daughter (not sure who Elizabeth is to him) makes him some kind of bracelet-like thing with the number 444 on it, so he can see it all the time? I'm trying to think of any biblical passage that says that the Spirit will lead us by making sure we see certain numbers. Can't think of any.

And doesn't giving him a bracelet with the number on it, so he can see it whenever he wants, just give him carte blanche to do whatever he wants?

Finally, there is his prophetic breakdown of his daughter's new used car. Isn't Honda a Japanese company? Why would the meaning of a Spanish word that sounds similar to Honda be in any way prophetically important?

What next, killing and gutting goats to somehow find 444 in their entrails?

If you think that little attempt at humor was me just being ridiculous, consider this--why did people examine entrails? To look for signs, confirmations, to divine what they should do.

Isn't that how Enlow is treating the number 444? "Kind of it just means that we're on target, we're on pace, place we're suppose to be..."

For him, numerology is divination. He gets prophetic messages in the numbers associated with his daughter's car. He knows he's on the right track when he sees the number 444.

There is nothing Scriptural about this. This is satanic. I don't care if he's dressing it up in Christianese, that just means it's satanic in drag.

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