Wednesday, March 7, 2012

sojo's double standard

Jon Stewart on Limbaugh: 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Gross'

For one thing, isn't Stewart castigating someone else a bit like a drunk getting on someone else's case for looking at a beer can? Or, as the commenter (so far) quite succintly put it.


But my concern is mainly Sojo, and their double standard. Remember this?

Jesus Gets the Last Word on Rick Perry's Ad

Yep, this is Sojo gleefully posting a video where a man depicts Jesus, and this jesus calls someone an a--hole.

So, Sojo finds insults to those they disagree with hilarious (and to not apologize for posting them), while continuing the usual liberal schtick when a conservative messes up, even after the conservative apologizes.

Yep, Sojo--elevating the conversation by plunging it even deeper into the mud. Is this what is meant by "falling upwards"?

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