Friday, March 30, 2012

the definition of spiritualized busywork

When Jesus ascended after His resurrection, His last commands were rather simple--take the Gospel to the whole world, to the ends of the Earth, baptize those who believed, and teach them what He had said. Not easy, but simple and straightforward.


Project 4K

And what is this, really?

4K is a global mapping project aimed at responding to the world’s spiritual and physical needs more strategically. With the vision of reaching every person on Earth, 4K has created a framework called Omega Zones. The world always has roughly 4,000 Omega Zones, hence the name 4K.

In this Information Age of technology, the use of maps to track Gospel presence and basic life needs will make the task of reaching everyone on Earth a reality. Through the Omega Zone mapping grid, Christian workers will have a better understanding of where we are and where we are not. Every person on the planet has needs, whether they are spiritual or physical. Using 4K, the global task at hand will be more apparent on a map, and the Body of Christ will be better equipped to mobilize its resources.

Funny, I don't recall anything in the Bible about Omega Zones, or the need to map them. Maybe the book about them got schlupped off into the Apocrypha.

Look, this isn't against technology, or information, or whatever. It's about...well...

Look at what's said there. "Every person on the planet has needs..." Ok, and the most important need they have is to know about Christ. Other needs are not necessarily unimportant, but that is the primary one. You don't need a cool techie map to know that.

This is just "spiritualized busywork", kinda like prayer walking and prayer mapping and the like. Little about this is of any real worth.

I'm also going to ascribe to it a even less good motive--it's about control. It's linked in Call 2 All, which is endorsed by people like Mike Bickle, he of the off-the-wall KC IHOP (I ain't talking pancakes, either) apostles and prophets.

Can you say "Dominionism", boys and girls? I thought you could. And what says "We're taking dominions!!" like cool maps showing that you're taking dominion?

Sad, isn't it, that this is what it's come to. From Jesus' plain commission to unbridled religious ambition.

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