Wednesday, April 8, 2009

any takers...

...on how long it will take emergent to come to the defense of people like this?

SWF Seeks Man, Woman or Famous Landmark

They seem to have all the right words and turns of phrases...

Erika Eiffel, an "objectum sexual" who changed her last name to Eiffel as a reflection of the commitment ceremony she had with the famous Parisian landmark, further explained "we feel an innate connection with objects. It comes perfectly normal to us, to connect on various levels, emotional, spiritual, and also physical for some."

Eiffel insisted to Snow, that despite "ridicule by peers, abandonment by her family and a medical discharge from the Air Force," all presumably as a result of her love for inanimate objects, that she's "happy ... not hurting anyone ... not being held back."

and they have the media on there side...

Yet Snow appeared to redefine normal by only featuring a member of the medical community who equated "objectum sexual" relationships with human-to-human relationships. She also appeared to downplay the other experts' doubt by reporting, "Erika says she doesn't have Asperger's, nor does she believe her abusive childhood, shuffling between foster homes, contributed to O.S."

Snow's report also appeared to be a plea for research funding for this topic. She made sure to include that Marsh believes "more study is needed." And in the re-cap of the report with GMA host Diane Sawyer, Snow said, "There's no way of knowing exactly how many people there are out there like this. But there is this online community now. The Internet has made it possible for groups to find each other. And they're convinced there's a lot more people like this out there. If they could only find each other."

ABC is certainly doing its part to help "objectum sexuals" find each other and to encourage society's acceptance of object-human relationships.

What more do Tony Jones and the other emergents need? Maybe some kind of 'spiritual feeling' that tells them that this is ok with whatever god they are accepting? Approval from the Dalai Lama?

So, any guesses? A year? Maybe less? Or might they already be jumping into the fray?

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