Wednesday, April 22, 2009

where's the respect, man? part 2

Leave it to a leftie to...

A) want to curb our freedoms while placing the blame on people who sell guns because some who have guns misuse them (waiting for them to protest car dealerships every time an auto wreck has a fatality)

B) Use their freedoms to thumb their noses at those who work to protect them

C) Miss the point.

Why I Got Arrested on Good Friday

Claiborne may be about as much an idiot as Rollins (though Rollins does set a high standard for the low).

He and his minions could have done some pretty decent things on their Good Friday self-righteousness display, maybe. Things the Bible could be said would be good things to do.

I don't see where the Bible says anything about protesting gun sellers and military weapons developers.

But maybe this helps me answer some of the questions about how people like Chalke, a not-ver-dissimilar sort from Claiborne, react in regards to those who give them the freedoms they enjoy to abuse.

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