Monday, April 20, 2009


Who invented what?

‘God and humans are the invention of the story itself’

I'm becoming convinced that pomos are far less interested in truth, than in a false wit and their own feelings of cleverness.

As disgusting as this is, though, is Rollins' attempts to weasel out of it, both in the comments to this post, and in what he wrote in the next post.

The working out of the above "Hegelian synthesis" (whether really Hegelian or not) is that God is merely a part of the story, a character, someone only doing what the story tells him to do. Hardly a being worth worshiping and serving, which may be one reason Rollins' is so much into the disciple as the one who disobeys, which I pointed out in the previous entry.

But in the end, the statement Rollins puts forth is merely idiotic. And so is he.

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