Tuesday, September 8, 2009

as before, take 2

Oh, and earlier today, McLaren posted at Sojo, and boy, is it a doozy, especially in regards to the last post.

A Plea for a New Generation of Republican Leadership

...I’m convinced that there is some degree of white fear and resentment behind at least some of this reaction: fear and resentment of an African-American president, mingled with xenophobia regarding brown-skinned immigrants, undergirded by fear of a future where there is no more racial majority status for white people...And where Christianity becomes a tribal religion rather than a reconciling faith — the exclusive and combative religion of rural non-coastal folks, for example, or Southern folks, or socially conservative folks, or folks who hold a certain economic ideology — there is probably some old-fashioned religious supremacy at play too: the “Our God is better than your god, so we should be in power” syndrome.

Wow, McLaren had the poison pen loaded for bear!!

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