Wednesday, September 23, 2009

enter the store, put hands over eyes

The US has simply made it to difficult for other people to exist...The US has structured the global economy to perpetually enrich itself and reduce non-Western societies to poverty. "Free markets" are simply a euphemism for free mobility of American capital, unrestrainted expansion of American corporations, and free (unidirectional) movement of good and services from America to the rest of the world.
quote from a book called "Why Do People Hate America", quoted favorable in McLaren, everything must change, pp. 257-258



What planet are people like McLaren living on?

I mean, seriously, how can one go to almost any store, and say those things?

Goods and services only going from the US to other nations? Do the people who say that ever look at the "Made in..." labels on things in their stores? Do they notice how many foreign-made vehicles are on the road? Does the phrase "trade deficit" mean anything to them? And as if that wasn't enough, how about the little nutty libs who are all into "buy local" because they think people don't buy local enough?

Free markets reduce non-Western societies to poverty? I wonder if Japan and South Korea would agree with that? Or how about China, since they've started doing a few free market things? Russia struggled with the market, and likely other former Soviet bloc nations, too, but when last I was there, Russia was starting to get with it. It was slow, yes, but they had help. It wasn't perfect, but things were improving.

If anything makes it "to difficult for other people to exist", it's not free markets, but economic ideas like communism and socialism, greedy and corrupt "strong man" rulers who care only to enrich themselves, and places where freedoms are denied and those who speak out about it are punished. One could likely throw in other things, too--I don't find it an accident that most hard Islamic countries suffer from poverty, or are rich only because a few have access to resources like oil. Or that much of India's poverty has to do with the demonic caste system, which is based on the Hindu religion and ideas of karma and reincarnation.

The US has been far from perfect, but blaming it and the free market for poverty is, at best, entirely too simplistic to be taken seriously, and at worst a blatant lie that shows the blinders on these people.

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