Thursday, September 3, 2009

revisioning history

Apparently, Peter Rollins held a parable-making contest some time ago. Too bad I didn't know about it at the time, I may have submitted the one that's in a post from a few days ago, a response to his sick little rapture parable. But I doubt I would have won, and I doubt that there was anything there worth winning.

Anyway, the results of the contest are slowly coming out. Here we have him announcing his second-place winner. One may wonder if the winning writer wasn't Oliver Stone.

The Emperor Constantine, facing the biggest battle of his reign, looked into the setting sun at the Lilvian Bridge and saw a vision of the Cross of Christ. As he gazed at the cross he heard a voice say “By this sign, conquer”.

The next day he gave up his reign as Emperor, surrendered all his many possessions, and went to live and work among the poor. And forever after he was known as one of the greatest heroes of the faith for his obedience to the voice of God.

Yep, Constantine didn't understand a thing, unlike the people today, who understand everything. Nothing like Monday-morning quarterbacking after, oh, 1500 years or so to make one feel so...superior.

Or, maybe God isn't the pacifist these people try to make Him out to be? Oh dear, can't let them think they may be...wrong, can we?

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