Tuesday, September 15, 2009

depressed over the resurrection?

Emergents try to paint themselves as happy and cheery (compared with those grim-faced fundies out there). But I think the truth is, their smiles and laughs are forced, and they are really floundering around in hopelessness and depression.

Take a look at this 'parable', written, I suppose, by Rollins and here referenced on Samilovich's "Faith House" blog. Only a part of it is here.

Living Room Gathering -

‘Why are you in such sorrow?’ asked the missionary in amazement. ‘Today is a day for great celebration!’

‘A day for great celebration and great sorrow,’ replied the elder, who was all the while crouching on the floor. ‘For over 300 years we have followed the ways taught to us by Christ. We followed his ways faithfully, even though it cost us deeply, and we remained resolute despite the fear that death defeated him and would one day defeat us also.’

The elder slowly got to his feet and looked the missionary compassionately in the face.

‘Each day we have forsaken our very lives for him because we judge him wholly worthy of the sacrifice, wholly worthy of our being. But now I am concerned that my children and my children’s children may follow him not because of the implicit value he has, but because of the value that he possesses for them.’

With this the elder left the hut and made his way to the celebration, leaving the missionary to his thoughts.

This 'parable' posits a fictitious group of people who knew of Christ while He lived, but didn't know of His resurrection. The response above is part of what happened when they learned, 300 years later, about Him rising from the dead.

I can only think of how important Paul says the resurrection was, that if Christ had not been raised, we would still be in our sins, and merely miserable human beings.

Anyone that can posit that news of Christ's resurrection would somehow take away from His message, has a rather twisted mind, as would anyone who would support such a position.

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