Tuesday, September 29, 2009

a proud day for me

At least, it would be, if I weren't convinced that "pride goes before destruction". Still, I do have a quite satisfactory feeling of accomplishment.

Why, you may ask? (Not that he won't tell you, you may mutter under your breath)

Well, let me tell you...

Yesterday, with not much time left to be online, I made a quick little trip over to Sojo, where I comment and upon which I sometimes make comments here. But yesterday, I found a new message when I browsed some topics. That message went something like this.

The site has blocked you from posting new comments.

Yes, I have ticked off the power-that-be at Sojo so much, they've banned me!!!

Why, you may again ask (et al...)

Perhaps because, in one particular topic (I'd link to it, but they removed the post) I commented about how a) Jimmy Carter actually used the racially-charged word that Wallis accused Joe Wilsom of implying b)a few months ago Sojo allowed someone to post a topic about Ruth and Naomi which strongly implied that Ruth and Boaz had sex when she visited him at the threshing floor, so c) it's not the 'new blood' at Sojo that needs to clean up their act, but the old blood like Wallis who have allowed Sojo to, for example, claim to be pro-life while supporting a presidential candidate who was not only pro-choice but also pro-infanticide.

Yeah, they claim to like "speaking truth to power", just so long as you're not speaking truth to them.

One poster there asked me if I wanted to "Defeat Sojo". I didn't get the chance to answer that, and now Sojo has answered it for me--they have defeated themselves by showing how little they value free speech and disagreement with their opinions.

I'm glad to have been a part of the catalyst.

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