Friday, August 26, 2011

generation shallow ostentation?

I put the question mark in the, to keep open the option that I may be unfair, at least to some of these kids. But by and large, I think 'shallow and 'ostentation' are not inappropraite.

Generation Justice by Palmer Chinchen

For one thing, this whole article is shallow. The writer writes like he and his generation were the first to discover poverty in Africa. Really??? Has he never heard of Sally Struthers? Save the Children? Years ago, I remember TV commercials showing pictures of little African children needing food and clothing. And people responded, they gave. Churches supported missionaries and gave when they were presented with the needs. They sponsored children, giving to them and trying to help them with what they needed.

Then it was learned that far too many of these charities seemed to be most charitable to themselves, giving only a small part of what they collected to the people who needed it. You know, like the ooze write said BOBS and TOMS were. Or even that the charities were actually scams. People became leary of these charities, and rightfully so.

And this 'generation justice', as he calls them, will end up the same way, when they learn that the shoes they're buying that they think are doing so much good aren't doing as much good as they think. When they learn that all that government money they want to send is actually helping the rulers keeping the people down. When they realize, whether they know it or know, that they aren't addressing the real problems, and aren't really helping anyone. When the disappointment outweighs the litlte feelings of satisfaction.

And when they have "barefoot sundays", and no one's there to watch and praise them for their generosity.

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