Thursday, August 25, 2011

why did YWAM allow this liar to speak at their conference?

"You add to that, in my country, post 9-11, you have the phenomenon that is fearing immigration. We're trying to build a wall to Mexico, you know. As one brilliant black professor at Princeton calls it...hold on...the niggardization of white America. And what he means by that, Cornell West is his name, what Cornell means by that is, yesterday's soccer moms are todays security moms. Helicopter parents hover over their children. And I'm finding missionary congregations afraid, afraid to let people from other countries come into our countries, as though we own them, as though Psalm 24:1 doesn't exist. What is Psalm 24:1? The earth is the Lord's. And besides, if you put all 300 million Americans in the state of California (God forbid) we all had to live their together, we'd still be less crowded then Japan, and we'd have 49 empty states. So when you think about stewarding the Earth, I say let 'em come, tear down your walls, build bridges, let 'em all come here."
Dr. Ray Bakke, in a lecture called "Old Testament City Theology (Part 1)" at the YWAM North American Cities Conference in Vancouver, 2008, at about the 2:00 to 3:00 marks.


There is no better way to put it, Dr. Bakke is lying to these YWAMers, and YWAM was irresponible for letting this man speak to their people in this way.

This was in 2008, though the issue is still around today--the issue of illegal immigrants coming to the US from Mexico. There are many reasons this is an issue. There are drugs and narcotics being brought in to the US illegally. Accompanying this is violence against people, American and Mexican. There is the exploitation of people desperate to leave their poor conditions in Mexico, by charging them high prices to transport them, by using them to transport drugs. There is the fact that people here illegally usually work for less pay then people from the US may do the work, which means they are being economically exploited, which sets up a kind of underclass, even a form of servitude. Plus, there is simply the fact that we have people who go through the legal process of immigrating to the US, and those who are waiting to do so, and they are following the legal process, while those who are entering through illegal means are to some degree jumping ahead of those who were doing things the right way. Add in the threat of terrorism, and how such illegal means may be exploited for terroristic means, this is a real and serious issue.

Dr. Bakke's lie is to say that we in the US, I assume he means conservatives, are anti-immigrant. That's nonsense. We are the ones who celebrate immigration. We are the ones who even acknowledge that there are those who need to ask for asylum from particularly bad governments. But we want people to come here legally, to respect and follow our laws.

I've traveled to other countries a few times. When I have, I have respected the laws of those countries for entering. I have followed their rules for getting visas. I did not get haughty concerning their rules, and try to enter the countries without them. I did not try to sneak into the countries in some other way. As I respected the rules of those places, I expect the rules of my country to be respected.

One can wonder what he sees in Psalm 24:1 that is some call for open borders. This is the same God who gave the land to Israel. There is no call here for a lack of responsibility to one's own land and borders.

So, I'm saying here and now, YWAM should be ashamed for letting this liar teach these things in one of their conferences. Whatever else that may have been good he may have taught, here he is flat-out lying.

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