Tuesday, August 16, 2011

it does boggle the mind

The things and people other people put their faith in, that they take as authoritative and to be accepted without question, it does rais the eyebrows.

Climate Witness as Act of Faithfulness

During the 1980s, many Christians were at the forefront of a movement to avert nuclear annihilation.

Let me reinterpret that, please--they wanted to stop the arms race that was one major reason the Soviet Union eventually collapsed. Throw in Star Wars (not the movies, the missle defense system) too, which I would image they opposed.

Sojrones--all these years and all those failures, but still gamely trying to make the world safe for Communism.

The scientific community is warning that we approach a “tipping point” when tremendous natural forces spin out of control and the laws of physics will take over. When that line is crossed, humanity will be helpless to stop a frightening slide into global disaster.

To show just how far this faith in 'science' goes, I'll borrow a bit from a comment.

. If it isn't in the bible then it isn't true.
2. If it is in the bible then there is a spiritual reason why it is happening or should happen and we should not mess with the outcome.
3. If it interrupts people's rights to jobs it takes away freedom and therefore it is Un-American.
4. If it is promoted by progressives or liberals, it is both Un-American and Un-Christian.
5. Science is Un-Christian.
6. Scientists are not Christian. This is true primarily since the advent of Darwinism.
7. We were told to subdue, conquer and use what God has given us.
8. I never heard any earth care or wise stewardship verses from the bible any year I was growing up. I was oblivious to their existence.
9. If I am a holy and righteous, church attending, God-fearing person, God will take care of me and I don't have to worry about anything else because I'll be snatched away from the really bad stuff that the unrighteous will suffer as a result of their sin.

And a source that shows that not all in the scientific community are as united behind the global warming scare as this Sojrone wants us to believe.

NO 'Consensus' on "Man-Made" Global Warming

Bonhoeffer questioned how someone could claim to be Christian and yet maintain silence in the face of the Nazi holocaust. Now we are faced with a holocaust even more sweeping. Is it not legitimate to ask the same question? Does not silence in the face of the greatest moral crisis of our time constitute a failure to follow the most fundamental teachings of Jesus Christ?

And here the Sojrone goes off the rail, which will likely mean that he will be accepted all the more by fellow Sojrones, and the blame for him going off the rail will be laid on those who dare disagree with him. But it is outlandish that those who are skeptical of the global warming scare, who know that the data has been faked, are here being compared to Nazis, and the faked threat of global warming is compared to the very real horror of the Holocaust.

Worse than silence is mindless acquiescence and irresponsible rhetoric. Silence may at least indicate thoughtfulness and a willingness to look at all real evidence, and to not engage in fear-mongering.

But the point of this entry is this. Read Sojo, read the people who blog there, read those who are on their side of the issues like Emergent Village. See how they handle the Word of God. They will go to great lengths to try to discount it's teachings, especially in regards to things they disagree with it on. Great favorites are sexual morality, eternal punishment, salvation through faith in Christ alone, but there are those who go so far as to make the Bible essentially a work of fiction in order to make it say what they want it to say about any social issue.

God can be questioned, His Word can be hacked and slashed, and they will praise the hacker to the stars. But dare to question man when he poses as scientist, dare to question the anti-god people who have put forth the theory that I am a monkey's uncle, dare to point out that the facts behind global warming are not facts at all, dare to point out how liberals have in the passed used the fear of global cooling to push their agendas upon people, and you are anti-all-science and are not worth listening to.

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