Thursday, August 4, 2011

more lying sojo rhetoric

Alabama Clergy Sue to Stop Anti-Immigrant Law

HB 56, which will go into effect September 1, attacks virtually every aspect of immigrants’ lives. Among many punitive measures, it authorizes police to detain anyone they suspect is undocumented, mandates criminal penalties for those who transport undocumented migrants, and demands that public schools determine the immigration status of all students.

I've thought for a while that the attempts by the left to pretty much equate legal and illegal immigration is intentional, and here is another example.

I've also long thought that I would like to see how these Sojrones would react if we treated their own homes as they want to treat the states--see how they distinguish between people they invite into their own homes and those who sneak in through the windows, between those they invite for dinner and those who sneak in and steal the frig, between those they give money to and those who steal their identity and empty their bank accounts. I have no intention of taking this experiment to reality, though. Unlike liberals, I believe in private property, even the private property of liberals who do not believe in private property for others.

And there is more lying rhetoric in this article.

The law prohibits almost every activity of our St. Vincent de Paul chapters or Catholic Social Services. If it involves an undocumented immigrant, it is illegal to give the disabled person a ride to the doctor; give food or clothing or financial assistance in an emergency; allow them to shop at our thrift stores or to learn English; it is illegal to counsel a mother who has a problem pregnancy, or to help her with baby food or diapers, thus making it far more likely that she will choose abortion…

Now, to be fair and balanced, emphasis mine.

HB-56 FACT SHEET: Combating Illegal Immigration

•Prohibits the transport, concealment, harboring and housing of unauthorized aliens if a person recklessly disregards the fact that the alien is illegally in the U.S. This does not apply to persons acting in the capacity of a child or adult protective service worker, a first responder, an ambulance attendant, or an emergency medical attendant.

I suspected the above rhetoric was mere fear-mongering, and it is. There is nothing in this bill against helping people in emergencies--they aren't going to require fire fighters to make sure a burning home is owned by people here legally or not.

Sojo is shamelessly spreading lies to fit their political agenda. They should be ashamed of themselves.

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